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Chef’s Promise Dumpling Mix


Just add water!Our dumpling mix makes fluffy, plain dumplings. 1KG of mix makes approx. 60 small dumplings.… Read More

Chef’s Promise Sage & Onion Stuffing Mix


1KG of mix makes approx. 92 x 25g stuffing balls.
Just add water! Our stuffing mix is a classic flavour combination of sage and onion. This versatile mix is a wonderful accompaniment to any dish and will bring your Sunday lunch to life.
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Chef’s Promise Spounge Pack


1KG of mix makes approx. 2 x 8 inch tins of sponge cake or approx. 36 cupcakes.
Use this mix to make cupcakes or sponge cakes. Perfect with jam and buttercream, or make it your own by adding your choice of sweet treats.… Read More