We specialise in the manufacture of specialist shortenings, Gluten free baking mixes and meal components.

Prima Foods was established in 1998, and we have been supplying the retail, ready meal and wholesale sectors since 2009. We pride ourselves on our product quality, world-class manufacturing standards and excellent customer service. Prima Foods are dedicated to innovation within the food sector, working closely with customers and suppliers to ensure that customer wants and needs are met, through the creation and supply of exciting new food products.

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BRC AA accredited


State of the art Welsh based manufacturing site


Dedicated Gluten Free ambient baking mix facility


RSPO approved supplier



Wide range of innovative Gluten Free baking mixes


Specifically designed by chefs for chefs


Created to taste just as good as the real thing


Gluten Free meal components

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Our Chef’s Promise Range

Choux Pastry Mix

(1KG of mix makes approx. 140 medium eclairs or profiteroles) 12 month shelf life, once opened use within 3 months. Whether you’re making profiteroles or eclairs…

Pancake Mix

(1KG of mix makes approx. 100 small/50 large pancakes) 12 month shelf life, once opened use within 3 months. Use this mix to make light and thin crêpes…

Scone Mix

1KG of mix makes approx. 24 scones) 12 month shelf life, once opened use within 3 months. Create sweet sultana or savoury cheese scones with our scone mix.…

Fish Batter Mix

(1KG of mix makes approx. 20 large/30 medium fish fillets) 12 month shelf life, once opened use within 3 months. Our batter mix makes a light and flavourful coating for fish. This crispy batter can be made with soda water or gluten free beer and will make your fish and chips stand out in the crowd. .…

Chocolate Fondant and Brownie Mix

1KG of mix makes approx. 20 large chocolate brownies or 15 chocolate fondants 12 month shelf life, once opened use within 3 months. Make melt in the middle chocolate fondants, or gooey brownie slices. These rich and indulgent treats…

Sponge Mix

1KG of mix makes approx. 2 x 8 inch tins of sponge cake or approx. 36 cupcakes. Use this mix to make cupcakes or sponge cakes. Perfect with jam and buttercream, or make it your own by adding your choice of sweet treats.…

We currently have six baking mixes, designed to fit smoothly into the rush of everyday restaurant service. Our range is ever expanding, with many new products currently in development. Be sure to check back for new additions!

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16 Nov

Our Components

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Prima Foods – Our Components

Prima Foods specialises in manufacturing catering components for the ready meal and catering sectors In 2016 a state of the art gluten free facility was added to the Llanelli site Above all the introduction of this site has broadened our product range and enables us to offer high quality gluten free catering components

Our products are all frozen to lock in moisture and flavour  Although dumplings and stuffing balls are steamed before freezing for convenience, our pastry products and scones are frozen raw, ready to […]

5 Mar

We’re Award Winning!

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In February 2018 Chef’s Promise was nominated for and went on to win the Chef’s Choice Award for Innovation with our Chef’s Promise Gluten Free Choux Pastry Mix

  Chef’s Promise was created in 2016 by Prima Foods LTD, in order produce great tasting gluten free baking mixes and components Head of innovation, Massimo, has worked tirelessly to create recipes which taste just as good as the gluten containing alternative We couldn’t be happier that his hard work has paid off and made our gluten free scone mix award winning Simple to make and providing consistent results, Chef’s […]